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"You are truly delightful Jodie, I love this song and you sang it beautifully. 

Big thumbs up, You have one powerful voice"

- Lorraine Ashby, YouTube Reviewer 

"Jodie State is one of the music scene's up and coming breakout stars"

- Marcus Hayes, starbuys.co.uk

Hi, my name is Jodie State , I am now 12 year old or young. kid I make music videos on YouTube with video star. I like acting and singing cover songs and i do acting auditions for TV and Films

Thank you for visiting my website. You are now reading about me so “hello” to you. Feel free to check out my music videos

and photos 


Q) Do you want to be a child star??

A) Do i want  to be a child star , mmm yes that would cool, but maybe just a dream.


​Q) Do you want to be a singer or do TV acting?? 

A) Well i don't know? what ever you get in life, you just have to go with it and i will do my best for what ever i get to do.


I love acting, making music videos and fan videos and singing cover songs and Kids Songs

some of my cover songs i have done in real life singing at home or outside.


Q) What songs do you like singing ??

A) I like singing pop songs but my voice is not very good at pop songs / rock songs , well not yet i may get better

My voice is more better at singing songs like "Somewhere over the rainbow" etc



Q) Why did you start doing YouTube Videos,??

A) I entered a competiton for a TV show to make a video and the best one was to be on the show, they picked me. Here http://www.itv.com/letmeentertainyou/videos/taylor-swift-and-rizzle-kicks-hall-of-fame


Q) You do Acting Auditions for Films and TV, what TV show would you like to be in ???


A) I would love to be in a film or on a TV show, but it is very very hard to get on the first step of a ladder. Same with my Singing, it’s hard to fight your way through life and not get anywhere, but I want to be the one that says, yes I tried, I don’t want to be the one who says I could have done this, I could have done that yet some people do without even trying it. I want to be the one that says well I gave it my best and that is all I can do, no regrets in life, I was born just the way I am, and you get to go where your feet take you.



Q) How did you start singing cover songs


 A) My singing started by a fluke, I was chosen to audition to play a 9 year old Kid in a UK TV show, called Benidorm, the girls name was Jodie (wow coincidence) Dawson, the director of the show saw me on YouTube and said he wanted me to audition but it was a rush to get it done in time as I had just 2 days to learn the lines, wow this was the biggest…and they wanted me to sing!! Argh!! The song was “Let it go” from Frozen – I was really nervous as I had never sung in front of anyone outside my family before…and they said you should be on X Factor. I just smiled - I thought they were joking? I also had to do some of my lines in an American accent. I was so close to getting the part and that is where my singing career started. Then I started singing more musical theatre type songs instead of Taylor Swift and Arianne Grande and suddenly everyone was saying I can sing and I really enjoy it. I now have singing lessons and am trying to get more confidence to sing in front of people.


Q) what would you say is your best music video and cover song ??


A) I have done cover versions of some songs, but i don't have a best one.


Q) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ??

A) Alive i hope and happy


Q) Do you see yourself being famous ??

A) LOL, I will do my best but i am just having fun and if i can get famous with what i do that will blow my mind


Tomorrow from Annie ...    www.youtube.com/watch

Somewhere over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz   www.youtube.com/watch

Touch of Ice from Frozen 2,     www.youtube.com/watch

A Dream is a wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella    youtube.com/watch

And my latest is

I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables   www.youtube.com/watch  (and Susan Boyle from Britain Got Talent)



I have also done some Fan videos to songs by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Parry Grip, Disney's Frozen and Meghan Trainor. I also enjoy using Special Effects with Video Star and a Green Screen.

On my YouTube channel I also done some Giveaways prizes, and Vlogs, shout outs, and funny Vlogs.

Subscribe on YouTube JODIE STATE



My hobbies are singing, listening to music, making things out of paper, drawing, art work, SHOPPING, trampolining, playing with my dog and spending time with my friends.